Thursday, December 18, 2014

Could be an interesting development. Makes me want to look at more Cuban art and see what has developed there. If capitalism was still supporting their creativity, it could be amazing!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beachbook entry 2012

Once again, I am grateful to have an entry in the Beachbook cover competition, hosted by the Dare County Arts Council.
This year's entry is called "Velvet Morning".  It is house paint on an old Kill Devil Hills beach house shutter.
The contest will be shown from October 5th-17th, and here is a link.

Thanks for looking.  I still have a few shutters left if you would like something made.  This one is big, and is for sale for $250 at the gallery.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

funny Irene video

you have probably already seen this, but... (caution, a bit graphic, but mostly funny)
I love how the newscaster gets upset that people are out in the weather, like him!
These are the signs of the times.  Thanks again, Dharbs!

Okay in Kitty Hawk, NC

I have no cell or landline phone, but internet and power are working.
Lots of tree limbs down everywhere.  Sounds like major soundside flooding.  Will be going out at 9am to view area.
Ocean Atlantic Rentals not opening today probably, sounds like power and roads down in various places.
Will get to Blake's house this afternoon, where he does have a working land line.
Thank you for the prayers!  Praying for NYC right now!!