Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shutter sunset painting update

I have taken some time away from this painting, due to some birthday celebrating, but I will pickup again this week. Surf is to go 5 feet tomorrow, with offshore winds, so that may take priority on my freetime.

I will post pics of the shutter soon. The painting is proving more time consuming than expected, but that is mostly due to the weathered wood texture.
I am painting it upside down so far, to focus on the drawing getting done right and to get all of the colors down, then I will flip it, and start layering paint. It is a large 84 or so inches wide, and will be for sale or given away.
It is a pic of the sound waters at sunset, taken by my friend Danny Harbert.

Painting pics taking by someone else, and upside down, helps take the emotions out of getting the work done. When a bunch of color is down and preliminary, I will start getting caught up in the layering of paint, and it will start to happen.

To do: get pics posted and stop typing about it.

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