Friday, December 19, 2008

(Indiginous Timbre) Book & Paintings

I am really excited to get to work on a book for children, with my high-school friend Christine.
Here are a few pics of the cover/art ideas. The book with carry a tribal story and theme. I am hopeful that our two families can meet and "break bread" thru the process -on a late winter trip to OH/PA. I will keep progress posted here of this promising winter project.

There are 2 versions of the same painting (which I often do to "keep it real", and one detail shot.) There is spraypaint layers on top of the ptg. that is sitting on a beach chair. It is a final layering that I am doing to add more layers fast. I use stencils and stuff to get some patterns and unexpected stuff happening. Gold and blue spray used here.

It's IT, what is I.T.?
Thanks, CM

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old Art

Wanted to post some of my past work.
Beginning to look alot like summer here, and I have been in the water or at work.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is a post of my 2003 "Face of Christ" mural. It is located at the Ark Church in Nags Head, and measures 12' X 20'. I did much of the prep in photoshop, and spent a lot of hours transferring it to the wall via a grid. The main medium is spraypaint, but their is also oil applied by brush, and some gold craft paint.
It is in their "family life center" gymnasium, and has been a backdrop to many bands playing there, as well as whatever activities obviously happen in the gym. It was my first mural/"really big" work.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Artist Statement, so far...

I paint because something incredible overcomes me when I place two colors next to each other in a composition. It is a connection with the medium, as well as a connection with the Creator. Simply, I get "things done" in my head for me, when I work my way through a painting.
My subject matter is usually the landscape & nature, but I am also interested in man's footprints on the world, seen in interiors and in patterns. I have painted from my imagination, memory and Biblical themes, but I prefer to study the land. Nature is so much more beautiful than anything man ever created; I'd just assume study that. I use primarily oil paint in varying thicknesses, over many layers. I also lay in large color shapes with spray paint on larger works. I work mostly in the studio from photographs and drawings. I use Photoshop to manipulate the composition and color of my preliminary drawings and pictures. I expect the unexpected by layering paint layers and by working as fast as I can.
My work may differ from others in that I count getting it "wrong" the first time. I count on the layering of paint to create rich, unique surfaces that leave traces of my process for all to see. I see pure color in my paintings. The composition is very important for me in the beginning of the creation, but I fall in love with color during the process and become completely consumed in placing colors "next to" & "on top of" each other until I get the correct vibration.
When people see my paintings they often admire the rich surfaces, or they see a subject in the painting I had not planned on. I think that is a bi-product of color (often unrealistic color) taking over the paintings. I strive to make a painting that is the most beautiful thing you see when you enter a room. I also endeavor to find a vibration or a rhythm in each painting. The colors in my work may provide the "peace" of knowing when a painting is done, but often it is a rhythm that leads my eye through the painting.
Like so many, I am inspired by the artwork of children. I am in awe of digital & street artists. I believe there is a strong correlation between music and visual arts. I most admire the work of the Nabis painter Pierre Bonnard.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shutter Sunset Painting Pics

Finally, I am posting some pics of the Shutter Painting.
It is part of my current exploration, painting on non-traditional canvases. It is painted on a wooden window shutter, found on the side of the road, seemingly from one of the old beach cottages down here in South Nags Head.
It is made of plywood, and some trim. It measures about 20 inches by 85 inches, and is HEAVY. I will visit Home Depot and see what solutions they have for hanging heavy stuff before shopping it to a gallery. I painted it within about 20 hours in the studio, working from a picture my buddy Danny shot here in Kill Devil Hills on the sound front. I manipulated the image in photoshop, and painted as fast as I could, to keep it "fresh". I hope you enjoy!
The first two pics show it entirely, the last 3 are details.