Sunday, January 13, 2008

Artist Statement, so far...

I paint because something incredible overcomes me when I place two colors next to each other in a composition. It is a connection with the medium, as well as a connection with the Creator. Simply, I get "things done" in my head for me, when I work my way through a painting.
My subject matter is usually the landscape & nature, but I am also interested in man's footprints on the world, seen in interiors and in patterns. I have painted from my imagination, memory and Biblical themes, but I prefer to study the land. Nature is so much more beautiful than anything man ever created; I'd just assume study that. I use primarily oil paint in varying thicknesses, over many layers. I also lay in large color shapes with spray paint on larger works. I work mostly in the studio from photographs and drawings. I use Photoshop to manipulate the composition and color of my preliminary drawings and pictures. I expect the unexpected by layering paint layers and by working as fast as I can.
My work may differ from others in that I count getting it "wrong" the first time. I count on the layering of paint to create rich, unique surfaces that leave traces of my process for all to see. I see pure color in my paintings. The composition is very important for me in the beginning of the creation, but I fall in love with color during the process and become completely consumed in placing colors "next to" & "on top of" each other until I get the correct vibration.
When people see my paintings they often admire the rich surfaces, or they see a subject in the painting I had not planned on. I think that is a bi-product of color (often unrealistic color) taking over the paintings. I strive to make a painting that is the most beautiful thing you see when you enter a room. I also endeavor to find a vibration or a rhythm in each painting. The colors in my work may provide the "peace" of knowing when a painting is done, but often it is a rhythm that leads my eye through the painting.
Like so many, I am inspired by the artwork of children. I am in awe of digital & street artists. I believe there is a strong correlation between music and visual arts. I most admire the work of the Nabis painter Pierre Bonnard.

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