Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shutter Sunset Painting Pics

Finally, I am posting some pics of the Shutter Painting.
It is part of my current exploration, painting on non-traditional canvases. It is painted on a wooden window shutter, found on the side of the road, seemingly from one of the old beach cottages down here in South Nags Head.
It is made of plywood, and some trim. It measures about 20 inches by 85 inches, and is HEAVY. I will visit Home Depot and see what solutions they have for hanging heavy stuff before shopping it to a gallery. I painted it within about 20 hours in the studio, working from a picture my buddy Danny shot here in Kill Devil Hills on the sound front. I manipulated the image in photoshop, and painted as fast as I could, to keep it "fresh". I hope you enjoy!
The first two pics show it entirely, the last 3 are details.

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